Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Come Back Tomorrow

Some days, when the world is in full bloom spring, and the light and breeze are magnificent, it is easy to be hopeful and cheerful. Most days I can find ways to celebrate what and who God has given me. Some days, like today, it can be much harder. Last night I got a call informing me that something I was hoping for had not come through for me. Despite the reasonableness of everyone involved, it felt like rejection. And this morning it still does. Some days it is harder to go on than others - whatever we are facing - certainty or uncertainty.

One thing I know for sure is that God does not reject us -nor is there a requirement to be some one else or dress some other way. God's constant love does not restrict, rather, it constantly expands to include the complex and strange, the quirky and unique, along with those who are fashion disasters. God's love is for those of us who can't see our way forward today, as well as for those who have a plan for everything, and think they are in complete control. God's love is present when we feel good about today, and when we don't. God's love is real even when we can't even imagine a positive future after many frustrating days.

Today, I invite us all to remember that in the face of rejection, our God loves each and every creation - including each of us. God loves us more completely than any good parent, any great artist. God, the creator of the expanding universe also has expansive love for us when our lives implode. Today, all I may be able to do is find a hand to hold and listen to an old favorite song. But in those simple things, God's love is broadcast through me and through the world. In holding tight in the midst of hard times, I know that God's love is active too. Active on behalf of you and me and of all creation. There are no rejects or failures in God's creation, and hold on, for the seasons are turning and God is working just around the bend.

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