Monday, May 26, 2008

So Do Not Worry About Tomorrow

Yesterday, I went to church at St. Peter's in Cape May Point with my husband, mother and youngest daughter. It was a beautiful, early summer day, mild and cool and the place was full of old friends and visitors. The Gospel for the day was from Matthew 6. "Consider the lilies of the field." The challenge from Jesus is to not worry, in spite of the anxiety that seems to be at the core of our humanity. At the end of the service, surrounded by loved ones and friends, I felt buoyed up over my future and assured that I did not have to worry. Everything was in God's hands.

After Church we went to the cemetery to put flags on the graves of my Dad, my Uncle Dawson and my Grandfather WalkingStick. It was such a beautiful day, I stopped before we left to take some pictures. My new camera, a wonderful gift from my husband at Christmas, decided to stop working and actually break entirely -so that I cannot use it at all. Less than a hour after that wonderful reminder to not worry about things - clothing, food, possessions, job - I was upset and undone about a possession. Now. to be fair, this camera is something that I consider a part of my art and expression, and carry it with me constantly. But, it is still a possession, and I was very upset. In my life it seems, as soon as I learn a lesson, or take God's word to heart, something happens that threatens to undo my commitment and faith. After stewing for a little while, I looked around, and saw my wonderful, vibrant mother, my beautiful, feisty daughter and my incredibly loving husband, and the incredible day - and heard Jesus' words again. "Consider the lilies of the field...are you not of more value than they?"

We all have challenges that make us worry and stew. Life is often terribly unsettling. When finances and future on the line, it is hard not to worry. I am here to remind myself and all of us that God is actively caring for us, clothing and feeding us, fixing our broken parts, mended our hearts -even when we can't see it, don't believe it, and feel to close to the edge to even try. God is inviting each of us, me included, to take a breath and let go. Let go to the one who clothes the lilies and feeds us all. May we all breath in so that we might receive abundantly the blessings of God.

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