Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Walk on the Beach

A walk on the beach became a gentle talk with God. The mild temperature yesterday allowed me to walk on the beach with our dog in tow. She's afraid of the waves but fascinated with every other bird and smell that flies by her. The ocean is both home and holy for me - helping me to take inventory, to wonder and pray. So, we walked and watched the surf and birds. The few fishermen were content to let their lines bounce in the waves. In the gentle morning light, I talked to God about the future and what I might do in the coming days.

I would love to say I got clear answers and specific direction. But, in fact, I got a sense of reassurance rising on the wind. A sense of God's support and activity and invitation to trust. To believe that all of the past days and all of the present are working together to clear a place for the future. I understood that I don't need all the answers, just a willingness to put one foot in front of the other - and to trust.

So here's to a day of trusting in God's spirit. God's spirit workinbg in individuals and in the world, bringing about positive change and clear direction. Today, I will put my hand in the hand of God. Knowing that my humanity is always ready to grasp it away, wanting to control and direct my own days. But, for today, I am going to try to let God take control and me take one step at a time, putting one foot in front of the other, and let God be the director of the larger story.


the Webmaster said...

Bishop and Friend,

Your words are good to hear.

After saying some goodbyes yesterday, I think that I am in a better place to listen for "what's next". What's my next step, what am I supposed to be doing.

I had an out of the blue phone call from someone who I had supported over the past couple of years, and it was a very confirming call that what I had been doing was appreciated. I think I needed that "thank you" to help 'let go'.

I was reminded of a CD, Master Musician, by Michael Card, in your 'let God be the director of the larger story'.

Mark and yourself are in my prayers.

Thank you,

the Webmaster said...

Bishop and Friend,

As I was driving to visit my mother, I listened to this CD. I realized that my post had the wrong artist. The Master Musician is by John Michael Talbot.

Wanted to correct this error on my part.

Thank you for your stories and prayers.

All the best.