Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Some days there are clear cut tasks and some seasons demand a specific job with a specific goal. This Tuesday is not like that. I have time to ponder. I have time to wonder and to dream - to make the bed, fold laundry and to let my thoughts fly. There is nothing specific in my head today, but everything is there, like rested children waiting for a school bell. I know when I open my mind and heart to the dreams and hopes, they will come teaming in along with all the others lost ideas, with their scrapes and bruises heading straight to the nurses office.

Today is a day for letting all the kids - the ideas, hopes, dreams and possibilities have a play day. A day for losing control and letting out. The rain is over and the sky has cleared and everyone needs recess, including thoughts and dreams. Even possibilities need light and air. We all need space to breath.

So may to day be a day of setting the dreams free to play in the back yard and in the park. A day for possibilities to fly kites, to do experiments -without committing to any major decisions. God is Creator, one who broods over water and wind, engaging senses and space to express something more than the mere pieces -light and sound, motion and color. God is doing a new thing in all of us and I feel encouraged today to let the pondering and the playing begin. For these activities are prayer - the conversation with God. They are the dance of love with the Almighty who created every fabric of my being and the world around me. They are the holy work of people who are known and loved by God.

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