Friday, May 16, 2008

Let It Rain

I have spent most of the day walking the streets of New York City after a meeting with my editor. The sky had been dark and sending drizzle but now it is serious - it's pouring. I walked the streets from my meeting to the train station, watching people and wondering about what God is calling me to be. I walked and wondered as I watched other people running with umbrellas, sure of where they were going and who they are. And there I was, looking around, taking it all in, and wondering what God is calling me to be and do. I am a wife, mother, bishop - a daughter, a Cherokee and a writer. A published writer. And presently unemployed - which is part of the cause I my wonder.

I don't have any forthright answers. All I know today is that it's raining, and maybe that's enough. Today I was able to walk, to take in the sights and sounds and had enough to get home, safe and sound. Maybe that's enough. Maybe God is calling me to be satisfied with the limited visibility of the present. Let it rain. Let the water soak in deep, let it flood over all of the dry and desperate land until it yields new soil with abundant fruit. I've never been good at watching and waiting. But today, as the rain spills down in rivulets, may I recognize that God is watering me too in the process. That God is planning on a yield and a crop I can not yet see, and a journey is being set forth on a road that is still submerged.

May all of us, who are wondering, watching and waiting - be comforted by the rain - or at least, let it rain. May we let it soak in that we are surrounded by the ocean of God's abundant promise, the deep waters of God's love, and the warm spring downpour that will bring new harvests in new lands.

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