Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One Bright Morning

Yesterday was an oppressively warm day, with violent storms and equally violent sun. Everything was intense about yesterday. On days like that I have a hard time feeling productive and positive. This morning, the day broke cool and bright, with a muted light, a muted reality and I could gently fold myself into the day. Today, I expect I will be able to accomplish something.

Each of us has days and situations that are impossible. Like yesterday, there was too much storm and drama to feel positive and productive. When my children were small, we loved a book in which a little boy has a bad day and frequently says, "I think I'll move to Australia." Getting away, flying away from it all, is often what we fantasize about when we have conflict and relationships that are seemingly impossible. And yet, wherever we go, we take us with us, troubles and challenges and the whole of who we are. The last line in that book says, "some days are like that, even in Australia".

The good news for me is that we take God with us too. Whenever our frustration mounts and the desire to flee rises up I am reminded that I can talk to God right where I am. And if I flee, God goes with me too. I love that hymn which goes, "One bright morning, when my life is over, I'll fly away." But it also reminds me that when I finally get the kind of day or life or situation I want, it probably means everything is resolved and my time on earth is over. Ever day is a challenge and every day is an opportunity to do what small thing we can do. God doesn't expect miracles from us, God expects to be relied on by us for the miracles. And when the bad days pile up, that's probably when we can call on God for the biggest miracle of all - joy in the midst of struggle.

May today be one bright morning for you, full of possibility and progress. And if it's not, maybe today is the day to call on God and expect a big miracle.

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