Friday, May 30, 2008

Setting Sail on the High Inland Seas

We are on our way to Rochester for the consecration of the new bishop - Prince. I am really looking forward to it, as he is a wonderful, faithful man. I will also have some challenges -being part of a group of bishops after so long of a removal -with no end in sight. The seas feel rough and the wind is picking up.

Some days require no travel, no challenge, no mystery. Today all will come in to play and possibly more. The only thing I know is to face into the wind, keep a firm grasp on the tiller and pray hard. God will have to do the rest.

Some days I crave a simple road, a simple place, a simple life. But God has called me and I have tried to be faithful. It is hard some days to be faithful when the church seems bent on rejection and marginalization. This journey will have glorious, exhilarating moments, but it is not without great dangers. Even a skilled navigator could be surprised by what I am wading into. So, today, I will pray whenever the breeze picks up in my heart. When the waves below start rolling, I will sing. That is all I know to do. If you are on rough seas today, remember that we are never alone. God is in the midst of us hearing our prayers and smiling with our songs.

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