Monday, March 31, 2008

At the Gate

I am waiting at my gate at the airport. I am on my way to Albuquerque to speak at a conference that has little to do with the church. I will be speaking to a variety of tribal folks who serve populations of people who have been victims of crimes - mostly violent. I'm embarking on a voyage to a whole new world, a new adventure, and engaging in a role I have never had before. It's Monday and a whole new chapter in my life may be beginning.

Life is complicated and short. None of us knows what skills and gifts God will have us use. We cannot know what the world might need today and tomorrow. We can only offer what we have and ask God to bless it all.

Today, I pray that I can be what God has called me to be. Today, it is enough to be present, compassionate, kind and patient with myself and every body around me. May God use me and this experience to strengthen others and my resolve to encourage others. May God bless all of us today as we travel in uncharted waters, over anxious seas, with troubled hearts and with out familiar land marks.

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