Wednesday, March 26, 2008

She's 30!

It was early on Easter morning, 30 years ago today. We drove in the frigid drizzle, me 22 and Mark 26. We had been married for almost three years and thought we were so grown up and so ready. Emily was born in the early afternoon that day. She was beautiful and perfect and loud. It was more than love at first sight - it was a whole new life for all three of us.

30 years later I can only say that the best thing I ever did was to have her - and her sisters. They have blessed my life with laughter, beauty and challenge. Our lives and living rooms were always filled with dancing, music and hair accessories. Emily and her sisters helped me to grow up and to grow in faith, more than anyone else.

At 30, I couldn't be more proud of her. She has committed her life to enriching others through arts and social responsibility. She takes people right where they are, and the homeless know her as a friend. She is fearless and compassionate. She is brilliant and tender. She is beauty and when she laughs, the rain stops.

My simple mother's prayer today is that all of us can be blessed with children and family as wonderful as my little Emily. May we be known by God as this mother loves her children. With such joy and pride that even the thought of her lights up my whole being. May God's love shine on us all today in thanksgiving for a life radiant with love.

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Cousin Russ said...

Bishop and Friend,

Please pass a "Happy Birthday" to Emily from Patti and I, but also "Congratulations" to you and Mark. Its been an honor to know all of you. Might I add, you are also missed.

Thank you for your Daily Prayers.