Thursday, March 6, 2008

Into The Woods

Tomorrow morning, very early I will board a plane to fly to Texas for the House of Bishops Meeting. Then I will transverse a great distance into the woods to finally arrive at my destination. Into the woods, to pray and deliberate with my brother and sister bishops. It always seems like some parts fairy tale, some parts board meeting and many parts confusion. There is great joy in seeing old friends and there great anxiety in what we have to face together as a Church. It is a complex occasion, both solemn and festive, both deliberative and prayerful.

I am always stirred with hope and nervous expectation when I go, this time being no different. My circumstances are quite different but my commitment to this church and my colleagues has not changes. It is something like going back to school after a long break. There is much to learn, but the hope is in the relationships renewed.

May God bless us as we renew our relationships with one another and with God. May our prayers outshine our attitudes and opinions. May our hearts be open and our lips hesitant, except when we sing. As I go off to the woods, I think of all the people I leave behind. Pray for us, and I will be praying for you. If we hold hands in prayer, maybe the dark woods won't seem quite so scary.

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