Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Riding the Waves

I like to ride the waves, although I don't use a board. During the summer, I love nothing more than to body surf during high tide, riding wave after wave, being slammed on the shore, face and bathing suit full of sand and pebbles, then jumping up and doing it all over again. There is a listening and a feeling process that goes on. One has to be sensitive to the pull of the water, feeling it rise and swell, jumping into the massive movement at just the right instant. It can take years to master, and I have had a lifetime of practice. I still have to be careful to listen and to feel, to give myself over to the process knowing that I am not in control at all. Knowing that the best ride comes from giving myself over to it.

Yesterday, in this blog, I wrote of the circumstances of my own personal journey. I was astounded by the response I got - by the outpouring of love and genuine concern and support. At first, I thought I said too much, or that I was too transparent. Today, I realize that it is the process of giving myself to the massive movement of God's activity in my life, remembering that I am not in control and that the very best I can do is listen and feel, diving in as best I can. What I learned yesterday is that there are many people who are caught in rough waters, and feel unable to ride the high surf, or make it to shore. None of us wants to control the winds, the tides, the works of Gods church, but we want to be able to offer what we have to the movement of God's love in this world. We want to offer what we have, want to listen, feel and dive in.

My prayer is that today we can all remember we are not alone. Jesus calms storms and reaches out to the ones who are sinking. Sometimes human institutions, boats, lifeguards and all others fail to notice the need. But we are not alone in Christ, and there is a hand and a teacher reaching out for us all. May today you reach out your hand, dive into the movement, knowing that we are all being held up in the loving arms of a loving Savior.

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