Monday, March 24, 2008

Eater Monday

Easter Monday

It was beautiful, the day of resurrection, children and adults gathered in their finery, glorious music and joyful celebration. Although Easter was extraordinarily early this year, at least in this part of the world, we had sunshine and blue skies. The world filled with hope and celebration.

Yesterday was also a very sobering day. The death toll in the Iraq war reached 4000. So much unrelenting loss, so many broken families, broken hearts and ruined hopes. In the midst of incredible joyous celebrations, too many people were visiting cemeteries where their children were buried. The world still cries out in pain, even after Easter has come. The climb for so many folks is so uphill, that they have either lost sight of the path or given up entirely. So here's a prayer for all those who are struggling to regain their footing on this Easter Monday.

Dear God,
I heard the music and the words and wanted your joy in my heart,
but the tears still come and the sadness overwhelms me.
I went to friends to seek your face,
but they were ashamed of my sadness and sent me on my way.

I cried out in the night and the silence was deafening.
Draw me close, O God, who went down to the grave,
pull me in, O Savior, who took the beating for us all,
bind me, O Friend, who lay wrapped in a shroud and alone,
carry me, O blessed Redeemer, because I can walk no more.

Dear God, hold me until my Easter moment comes,
stay with me as I wait to be lifted up,
stand between me and the terrors of the night,
for you are the God of light and morning,
you are breaking through the silence and the dark,
and no shroud can hold me if I rest in you.

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