Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is one of those moments of being washed ashore, waiting for the tide to rise again and cover me, take me back to safety, to where I belong to the comfortable embrace of the water and the rocking of the surf. Today is like being left out in the sun, bleached out and unable to move. All the time, the absence of moisture and the familiar bakes out hope, accentuates my fragility, catches me at my own game of thinking I can conquer anything because of my own strength and cunning. Holy Saturday is about waiting and trusting. Not my best skills.

Many of us have had time when we felt as ancient as a horse shoe crab, as abandoned on the sand, and as repulsive. Many of us have had the experience of feeling caught on the shore, marooned in dry, lonely places where hurt and resentment can grow like armor. May we today, be reminded that Jesus in the tomb was not a static moment in history for God's activity. Our Holy Saturdays may feel like being washed ashore but there is something more going on. Underground God is stirring the waves. Below the surface God is stirring hearts and minds. In the tomb, God is breathing new life, transforming all the sin and ache into resurrection. Hold on, change is coming. Hold on, God is here in the midst of us.

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