Friday, March 7, 2008

Petals under foot

I am in Texas and the House of Bishops Spring meeting has begun. I am always touched and astounded among the greats of the church, to realize many of these people are my friends. We pray together and we listen to God working in our midst. But mostly, there is lots of laughter, lots of catching up and lots of concern about our lives and loved ones. Sometimes, in the busy work of life, in the midst of personal and communal anxiety, its easy to loose site of the love that surrounds us. It is easy to not see the petals strewn underfoot. The subtle and beautiful pinks of midsummer that remind us of Gods sweetness and mercy in the midst of our labors. On all of life paths, God is throwing beauty at our feet, in the sky and everywhere we turn.

I pray tonight for eyes to see the beauty and friendship that surrounds me. As I labor up steps and listen to difficult conversation, may I remember that God is looking after my path, providing love and beauty all along the way. May we all have a moment this night when we can see the petals strewn in our path and remember the sweet love of God, who loves us well while we sleep and dream, and who loves us well while we labor in the vineyards.

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