Saturday, April 19, 2008


Yesterday was full of stories of the joys and struggles of those who minister in Alaska - the remote villages and the cities. I am again overwhelmed by the way in which people care for one another. We feasted on salmon and moose soup, moose meat and fresh berries along with homemade sweets. Theirs is the care for body and soul. With limited finances they treat their guests and family alike- with abundance and generosity.

In their sharing, I am reminded of the generosity of God. Who does not wait to pour out abundance on us but showers us with the fierce love of family. God is actively seeking out ways for us to receive the abundance. Often times, we miss it, because we aren't able to share what we have with others, and we cut ourselves off from the laughter and joy in fellowship.

May we be abundant people today, sharing the resources of this magnificent earth. Sharing the abundance and beauty of God. If we do, I know we will hear the laughter and feel the full joy of God in our midst.

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