Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Don't know about tomorrow

Tomorrow, in the early morning I will head south and spend some time with my mother. Since she does not have a computer, there is also no wireless connection in her house. I don't know if I will write the blog for the next few days. I know I will miss it if I can't. So, I'll probably write and publish a slew of things at once. There is a sweetness to being without the technology. I often let the technology take the time that I used to take with people face to face. At one time, I would put pen to paper everyday. Now, not so much. It's often easier to work at my computer, but it does not always bring me closer to where God is leading. So, I go off with some trepidation, and with some joyful anticipation. I have been striving so hard to find a new chapter, that I may not have been listening too well. Where my mother lives, there's plenty to listen to, and plenty of quiet. The ocean thunders and whispers at the same time.

So, I put the next few tomorrows in God's hands. I have tried to do what I know to do. Now, I let go. I go home, and walk to the beach to watch and listen. I stop striving and start taking in what there is around me. I pray that my heart and mind can slow down enough to let in the sound and light of God's mysterious leading. I pray that I can sense the enveloping quiet as comfort and not as loss. I pray that I can fall into the arms of God, as I let go for just a while.

For all of us who have been striving so hard, I pray we can all let go. I plan to pray for friends and strangers alike who are struggling to face the uncertain days ahead. I will pray for a quiet sweet song, a new anthem, one that we can all sing. For a new tune is rising on the wind and I plan to hear it. A new path is being formed by fierce winds, and I plan to follow. A new life is being shaped in each of us. Let us abide in this shaping time, feeling God's arms encircling us all.

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Betty Flocken said...

I so enjoy your blog and will be visiting often. Thank you