Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Prayer for Saturday

Dear God,
You created the winds and the waves and on the breeze we can smell the ocean, salt and sand which you formed as life and safe harbor.
You know the ache in everyone's heart, you feel our trembling as we hope and pray for peace and restoration. Some of us have not known much safe harbor, but you have promised to be our calm in the midst of our storms. You wrestled with Jacob and blessed him in the morning, and Your son Jesus commanded the wind and waves to cease in order to save his fearful friends.

Dear God, on this Saturday, like many before, there are so many who need rest and refreshment but instead are anxious with worry. Many do not know how to go forward, how to look for your blessing in the morning. Help us to know you in the midst of the storm and the wrestling we face today. Help us to rejoice in the light and the darkness knowing that your love is active in both. Help us to wake in safe harbor and on gentle seas. Help us to know you in every breath and with every breeze. We can do nothing without you. Remind us Lord today of your presence with us, and we will find rest. Amen

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