Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Restoring the broken

I have spent the evening with folks who care for crime victims in their communities. These are people who are on the front lines when there is physical abuse, suicide, murder and sexual abuse. They help reconstruct the lives of families and their communities. We ate in the home of the director of this program and heard so many stories of healing and hope, despite the enormous challenges. We were all tribal people, from across the continent and Alaska, but the stories of the historical destruction of communities and individuals was eerily similar. And yet, despite overwhelming challenges in some places, people are ready to open their lives, their homes, their heart in the ache for restoration and healing. Those whose lives have been broken, ready to respond and reach out to those who are suffering.

I am reminded today how easy it is to look at the broken pieces in my life and be discouraged. I can turn away from others to protect those places in me that need mending. We are all human and when we face traumas, we tend to withdraw, pull back, and set up protective walls to keep others out. Last night I was surrounded by heroes, quiet heroes, who, despite their own traumas and challenges, were opening their lives and arms to their communities, and to some of the most broken and terrified people, want to be an active participant in the mending of the hoop. And I realized that each of our mendings, our healings, our restorations are dependent and interwoven with the healing and restoration of others, and the whole community. May we each today, use the gifts we have, however broken we are to set in motion, with God's help the restoration of the world.

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