Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A New Journey

It is late by eastern time standards, but there's still daylight in Fairbanks, Alaska. I am here, providing services as a Bishop to a Diocese that is presently without one. The last time I was here was in 2000, and I came for their Diocesan Convention. That was early fall, and this is spring -a very different sense to spring that back at home. There is snow on the roofs, the wind is chilly and the thermometer read 20 degrees when I arrived. Lots of people are walking around in shirt sleeves. And so, it a new journey, a time of discovery. What does it mean to live in work in this particular place. How can I offer what I know and who I am to these people?

I am weary from traveling but excited in the discovery. Of renewing relationships, of making new ones, and discovering in a very different place, the constancy and familiarity of God. We are all on a journey, never far from being stranded or delayed. None of us, even within the secure walls of our homes is beyond the reach of change and newness, of challenge and discovery. Some hard days have come my way, but I hope that this journey time, helps me to open my heart and mind in new ways. I want to be a willing participant, a student, and a teacher. I want to take in as much or more than I can offer. None of us has an easy road. I pray this night we might be reminded that we are all on the road together, strangers and travelers, hoping for God to be revealed in those around us, where ever we may find ourselves.

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