Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dancing Petals

Sometimes the world is ridiculously beautiful. The wind rose up yesterday afternoon, the sun came out and all the flowering trees dropped dancing petals, making a carpet of color and contrast. Occasionally, we fail to notice, but the world is still constantly producing flowers and petals, dancing moments with wild decorations. All set for a part which most of us are too busy to see.

This season has been a time for me to notice, since I am on a sabbatical not of my own timing. I have spent a great deal of time wishing I were busy with the things I do well. Wishing that my previously busy life would return. And yet, when the sun comes out and the wind rises I have time to notice and to capture that beauty. Often, in the past, I would have slammed by it on the way to a meeting. Now, they are my meeting.
For today, I am inviting myself to God's creation as the very important calendar moments to which God has called me. Not just background light and shadow, like a backdrop on a movie set, but the real encounter, the real event. God has put me here for a purpose, and although I understand very little about what the big picture is right now, I have the time to notice the small scale wonders of this universe. I do believe that in noticing the small gifts, the rest will come into focus. May all of us who are struggling to forge the way ahead, take time to notice the minor events - God's great beauty paving the way forward.

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