Monday, April 21, 2008

Arriving Home

I have spent the last hours traveling overnight to be home. Every time a I arrive home, I see my surroundings in a new light. After having seen the Tanana and the Yukon, to see the Hudson again, was a thrill, a sharp intake of breath - a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us everywhere. I left Alaska with much snow on the ground and came home to the world in bloom. The trees, flowers and shrubs were all celebrating spring in their finest of colors. Awed by the great north, I am now awed by my busy and paved world - that can still be awesomely beautiful when it is the sight of coming home.

The words of Revelations spin in my head. "See, the home of God is among mortals, God will dwell with them; they will be God's people and God will be with them." Even here among the asphalt and industrial, I recognize the touch, the imprint of the Creator, who loves us so much that God glories and is present with us, making a home with us. Where loves dwells, there is God. I felt at home in Alaska, and felt God's presence among the people .And here now, home, and I experience with awe the welcome of home and God with us.

May we all recognize God's dwelling and presence with us in our homes and in the world around us. How can we not when the earth is blossoming and exploding with life?

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