Saturday, April 12, 2008

Prayers for Tax preparers

Today, we are spending time completing our taxes. In the past, we have gotten someone else to complete them, but we felt we wanted to do them ourselves, and save some money in the process. For some, their relationships can come apart over this process. Others, get their taxes filed and out of the way, not allowing themselves to procrastinate or get anxious and undone. But many of us are anxious and undone in these last days before the U.S. taxes are due on April 15th. Two things people say are certain, death and taxes. None of us, but a rare few, deal with either very well. So here are a few prayers for these days when we have little skill and lots of anxiety.

Dear God,
the panic in the pit of my stomach is frightening,
and I would that you end the world now,
instead of making me face this pile,
this panic, this disorder, and my failings.
My humanity is so clear to me,
my shortcomings so visceral and present.
Oh God, be present in the paperwork and in the numbers,
as you are present in the wind, rain and snow.
Be present to me, who feels without enough tools or hel0p,
be my helper as the hours pass and the dark settles in.
Help me to know your presence, that I am never alone.
Help me to call on you in every moment and give me
you strength to survive this mess that I have made.

and the shorter one,

Dear God,
the calculator is broken and the computer is acting up,
I do not want to lose my family or my mind in the process.
Help me God, for I am stuck in a limbo, a panic state.
You are the God of peace and presence,
help me to know that loving presence now. Amen

May God's peace reign today.

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