Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mary - Letter 4- This Humble Place

Canticle: A Song of True Motherhood
by Julian of Norwich

God chose to be our mother in all things and so made the foundation of his work,
most humbly and most pure, in the Virgin's womb.
God, the perfect wisdom of all, arrayed himself in this humble place.
Christ came in our poor flesh to share a mother's care.
Our mothers bear us for pain and for death; our true mother, Jesus, bears us for joy and endless life.
Christ carried us within him in love and travail, until the full time of his passion.
And when all was completed and he had carried us so for joy, still all this could not satisfy the power of his wonderful love.
All that we owe is redeemed in truly loving God, for the love of Christ works in us;
Christ is the one whom we love.

Dear Aunt Elizabeth,

I am so thrilled to hear the good news! You have a healthy baby boy and all is well with you, Zechariah and the little one. You cannot know how much hope your good news gave to me. These last few days have been so hard. Momma seems to tear up all the time. Papa and Joseph are talking about us leaving for our own good, for our protection. As if we were thieves or criminals. I get that people don't believe us. It is hard to accept that someone you know, someone from your town or village has been visited by an angel. Even harder still to think God would choose some girl like me to bring the Savior into the world. I just don't understand why people are so angry and turning to violence. Are they afraid that God is changing or doing something new? Does fear make people violent?

I am a prisoner here these days. Someone is always watching me and I can no longer go outside. I don't want to go away from Momma and Papa but we cannot live like this. Kind neighbors come to stay with me when Momma or Papa has to step out but it cannot continue like this forever. Momma and some of the ladies are making me a traveling cloak, and some things for the baby. They smile while they work but I can see the worry in their eyes.  I know they are worried because I am worried too. Joseph is so shaken by all the events, he talks to Papa now more than me. I know he needs the help, but I need his support too. 

Please know I love you and miss you. Please revel in that boy, that long awaited blessing from our God. Whatever is ahead for us, will be revealed as they grow. Pray that we can get to some safety and see our little one thrive as well.



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