Monday, December 8, 2014

Mary Letter - Day 8 - Hopeful Heart

A Song of Hannah
My heart exults in you, O God; my triumph song is lifted in you.
My mouth derides my enemies,  for I rejoice in your salvation.
There is none holy like you,  nor any rock to be compared to you, our God.
Do not heap up prideful words or speak in arrogance;  Only God is knowing and weighs all actions.
The bows of the mighty are broken, but the weak are clothed in strength.
Those once full now labor for bread, those who hungered now are well fed.
The childless woman has borne sevenfold, while the mother of many is forlorn.
God destroys and brings to life, casts down and raises up; gives wealth or takes it away, humbles and dignifies.
God raises the poor from the dust; and lifts the needy from the ash heap to make them sit with the rulers and inherit a place of honor.
For the pillars of the earth are God's on which the whole earth is founded. 1 Samuel 2:1-8

Dear Auntie,

it seems the day has come.We will be setting out late tonight or early in the morning. We have to leave the village before the sun is up. Papa has bought us a donkey and fitted it with packs for our travel. Joseph and Papa have made arrangements for the magistrate (Joseph's uncle) to come over this evening to marry us. We can't have any celebration before we leave, but at least we leave as husband and wife. As my husband, he can also help with the family taxes that need to be paid in Bethlehem.

It seems like yesterday that I was a silly girl, laughing and giggling with my friends. Now I am to be married tonight and I am so fat and round, I don't even look like a bride. At least, it is not as I imagined it. My wedding will be in our parents house, in our traveling clothes, with no party or anything. Momma promises that when we return they will have a great feast for us. She has been so tearful and sad. She doesn't want me to go away, but she does know it is for the best. She is afraid I will not get back before the baby comes. She wants to be part of it. I promised Momma I would keep in touch. Now I will be writing to both of you. Please pray for us. I excited and scared all at the same time and don't know what I am getting myself into.

Much love


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