Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Assessing the Damage

Yesterday was one of those days. Maybe it was because it was Monday, but lots of things got dropped, got lost or were spilled.I completely forgot a phone appointment. Couldn't find my shoes. Banged my head on the stationary tub when I was doing the laundry.Made a huge mess when I was cooking dinner. It was one of those days and I am grateful to have survived to see a new day.

We all have days when the world seems off center and everything is sliding down hill. Humans, even the most organized and regimented, are subject to changes in others and the accidents that just happen. One of the wonderful gifts of days like yesterday is that at the end of the day, having survived, I am grateful for that alone. And that small measure of gratefulness opens my eyes to see the blessings that surround me. On the days when everything snaps into place, I will congratulate myself. On days when everything is a mess, I thank God for getting me through. As if, I am capable of making incredible things happen and God's only job is to protect me from myself.

Today, I want to practice being grateful for all of it. The bumps and spills and the accomplishments. And for humanity and the gracious and forgiving friends who overlook the mistakes, and are happy to share in my humanity. Grateful to others for laughter and love and companionship on this bumpy journey.And grateful to God for letting me believe I can control things and forgiving me when I forget to be grateful for God's ever present love, care, protection and breath in my life.

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