Sunday, June 29, 2008

To the Rescue

To the Rescue

Yesterday was a warm day and after helping my mother with several chores and errands I went to the beach with my daughter and her boyfriend. It was very warm and we got in the water right away, although it was very chilly. The temperature was hovering in the mid-eighties but the water was struggling to be sixty. We got chilled to the bone and then watched as the lifeguard trainees were put through their paces. After warming up again, I went out into the water to do some body surfing. I’ve been riding waves as long as I can remember and there is hardly nothing more satisfying than a good ride at high tide. Body surfing requires letting go and letting the waves be in charge. It also requires one to relax, and take the wave for its full power all the way into shore.

I was taking some good waves. One particular shot me almost out of the water. I remained lying at the water’s edge while I made sure my bathing suit was covering the bits it should have been. When I looked up, a young eager life guard was standing over me, asking if I was alright. Could he help me? Did I need help? I am sure he was wondering whether he really had to rescue me and privately hoped he did not. I told him I was fine, thank you, and I was quite capable of getting up and getting back in the water. At first I was a bit mortified. Did I look like I needed rescue? Am I so old and un-athletic looking that this child would think I was feeble and broken and in need?

And then I realized how lovely it is to be watched over and cared for. Maybe I didn’t need his help, but I am really glad to know he was paying attention. I was really glad to know that my family and I were care for. And I found myself grateful for God’s constant watch care. God’s willingness to come to my rescue, even when I don’t want to be cared for, even when I think I am so completely self-sufficient that I need nothing or no one.

I am enormously grateful for love and care – the care of my family and God’s love that is watching tenderly with an eye for my need, my vulnerability, my feeble attempts at being strong. I pray for the courage to accept and be grateful for every measure of love and watching over me I receive, knowing that it comes from the heart of God.

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