Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Teaching Tradition

I just starting teaching at Drew Seminary, a summer class on Native Spirituality and Traditions. I have given the students a lot to read, but I always wonder whether I am really sharing the tradition in a way that is helpful to them.

Two years ago, when at an Indigenous women's retreat, we had a wonderful presentation of music and traditions from a group of aunties who sang to us and told stories. It was the same day of the earthquake and we were without electricity, phones and water. Everything stopped for a while. They came and were with us and gave us everything they had.

So today I want to offer a prayer for teachers and those who share what they have so we might all grow and learn. Jesus was first and foremost a teacher and gave us his all - his life and the heart of God.

Dear God,
help those who teach to open their hearts to their students,
give them vision to see what you see,
give them hearts to feel what you feel,
and give them clear voices to tell the stories and sing their faith.

Give us all the strength to open our hearts to your teaching,
open our eyes to see the need in our midst,
open our hearts that we might grow in compassion,
open our minds to hear the songs and stories as gift from you.

Oh, good teacher, loving friend and constant companion,
give us your wisdom so that we might better love others, today.



Anonymous said...

This is a lovely prayer, Carol, that I would like to share with the teachers at the Native Ministries Consortium's Summer School (at Vancouver School of Theology)? To whom shall I ascribe credit? Love, Donald

mamabishop said...

Dear Donald,
I wrote the prayer, so feel free to share it with them all. I am teaching a Drew right now. I was supposed to teach at VST with you all, but gave it up to go to pre-Lambeth stuff...and now I am dis-invited. I will miss the experience of being with all of you in community. Please know you will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

Much love,