Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day


I have been thinking about my Dad alot lately. He was a really good man and lots of people still remember him and talk about how he changed their lives and did great things for them. When my Dad passed away at 76 in 1994, he was still driving, in control of his faculties and keeping busy with church and family life. He was strict when we were growing up and made us all work hard but he also enjoyed life and enjoyed his children completely. We never for a minute doubted that he loved us. I am grateful every day for him because he was courageous and faithful and taught me many things. I miss him and often feel he's watching out for me and laughing. He had a great sense of humor.

I want today to give special thanks for the father of my daughters. Mark is a remarkable father and was from the day we brought Emily (our eldest) home. He spent hours reading to the girls, explaining the smallest things and teaching them to value the small wonders of the world. Mark has a remarkable capacity to be completely present with another human being, no matter how small or complicated that person is. Because of their father, our girls never wanted for anything, although we have never had great incomes. They have been back stage in some remarkable places. They have met incredible musicians and performers and have been bounced on many an actor's knees. They have danced in the Nutcracker, and heard great music and babysat for stars. He took them every where he could and shared with them everything he knows, even when he knew they were not listening. They never felt awkward or lonely around their Dad. And they always had a ready dance partner.

So, Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there. And blessings to all of you who have had the experience of a loving father. May we who have been blessed remember especially everyone who has not had a loving human father, or who suffered from the neglect or abuse of a parent. May we reach out in love, and pray for those individuals, who deserve love in abundance. Who deserve to have God's love demonstrated in human hands. May we have the courage to be to them a reminder and an embodiment of God's unconditional, constant and transforming love today.

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