Sunday, June 22, 2008

Come Saturday Morning

Come Saturday Morning

written June 21

The usual quiet morning, normally augmented only with birdsong and the distant roar of the ocean, is broken today by runners and cheering crowds. Small though this town is, the annual five and ten mile run draws a crowd, the loudest and most stunning of which are the coast guard recruits who run together in formation, chanting all the way through the town. You can chart their progress by sound alone, as they circumnavigate the Point.

I woke up early this morning in another world. I am in my mother’s house but realize that this place in its quiet invites breathing, singing, and painting on big canvasses. There is room to dream here. So many of us, in the busyness of life, lose the ability to dream, to breathe expansively, and to re-imagine the small planters we inhabit. God constantly invites us, whispers to us, sings to us on the wind in the still of the night –dream new dreams of a people and a place where love thrives.

I want to enjoy this whole day, tasting and seeing it as a gift, an invitation from God. May this day be for you a day of breathing, dreaming and taking a few moments to draw on bigger canvases. Summer Saturdays naturally invites us to take off our shoes and run in the grass – even if there is no grass or sand to run barefoot in. God’s heart is a big expansive place, a place where aging children can start to dream again. May you hear, in the noise of your world the song on the wind, the invitation to dance in the imagination of God.

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