Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Saturday Adventure

Some Saturdays are just made for exploration. This is one of them. When our kids were young we would pile them in the car and say we were going on an adventure. Sometimes they would groan but we often found something to do that they would brag to their friends about later. We have always liked to go fruit and vegetable picking together. We all have stories to tell on each other. One time outside of Philadelphia, after picking strawberries, we found a diner that was built in the shape of a cup. We had a meal there and teased each other about the seat of our pants. Several of us had, by accident, sat down on some ripe berries - quite a sight. And then there is the sensation of the ripe warm fruit tasted in the field, bright juice running down face and fingers. A rich sweet nectar that can not be compared.

We will also go search out the sheep farm thats sells cheeses and other items they make. Someone asked us why we continued to do these things, now that our kids are grown. I guess grown ups are supposed to go to vineyards for wine tasting. My answer to that is there is nothing more wonderful in the world than fresh fruits and vegetables, and our trips with our children were as much for me as for them. The delight of seeing fruits in season is unmatchable, as far as I'm concerned. And the delight of exploring and discovery is something I will never pass up, no matter how old I get.

So here's to Saturday adventures. May you find a way today to celebrate the world God has given us. May your heart leap for the abundance in your world. May you discover something that delights you and makes you smile - even in your own back yard.

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