Friday, June 27, 2008

Getting in the Boat

There are many times in my life that I am reluctant to embark on a journey or to walk into something new. It is not from being shy as much as from not wanting to fail, not wanting to be a fool, not wanting to bring shame. This is a time in my life when much of what I am doing is traveling on uncharted waters, sailing on previously unvisited seas and traveling with folks who don't share a language or customs. It is many parts scary and many parts exciting. It is tempting just to stay home, to stay in control. But, I have the opportunity, as we all do, to know the reality of God being in loving control of our every breath. So here is a prayer for all of those who are reluctant travelers, those who are quaking as you step in the boat and as you sail into new territory.

you breathed on the waters and calmed them
you brought light in the darkness
you are intimate with every foreign geography
and you love and guide each creature on this island home.

Today, I ask for courage which has escaped me,
for renewed strength since mine has been spent
and for a comfortable bed of soft leaves to lie down on,
where ever you lead me.

Give me courage to embark,
give me strength to set sail
give me comfort in your presence
knowing that you are present in the water and wind
present in my going and my coming,
present on strange seas and
home wherever I go.

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