Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Prayer For Calm

Creator God,

The waters I travel on are disturbed
the trails are rocky and uneven
night surrounds me even during daylight
the rustling in the underbrush
threatens my life and
there is trouble lurking all around me.

You have made me in your image
but toady my heart is anxious and afraid
my limbs are aching and unwilling.

Creator, you are the source of all,
our relationships and gifts
our strength and our weakness,
daylight and star shine
the broken and the whole are nestled in your hands.

God, give me your breath in my lungs today
give me the strentgh to go forth in peace,
let my heart leap with hope again
let my hands not tremble and my steps sure.

It is you who is the source of all calm,
you who gives love without question, without cost
you who brings calm and forgiveness
in the midst of this radical brokenness.

Help me today to rest in your calm still strength.


Diane said...

Thank you for the words/prayer of calm and comfort in an otherwise hectic day (world!). I've printed out the prayer and have it posted just above my computer.

mamabishop said...

Dear Diane,
thanks for the comment. I need to pray every day, no every hour for calm. May God bless us both with an extra measure of quiet and calm every day. Blessings,


"Ms. Cornelius" said...