Thursday, June 26, 2008

Light and Shadows

When our girls were little we had to find all sorts of creative ways to entertain them, especially on long car rides. We didn't have on board entertainment systems, just voices and imaginations. We did a great deal of story telling in the car on long trips, as well as a great deal of singing. Small children tend to like the same songs sung over and over again. One of the things we created as a distraction was the Tinkerbell game. Tinkerbell could only happen in strong sunlight and was a dancing reflectional of light from a watch or bracelet. Our girls would at first try to see where Tinkerbell was and then would grab for her as she danced and hopped across the surfaces of the car. It kept us all busy for a time, but was useless at night.

This time of year, the light is very intense, as are the shadows. The summer can be glorious, providing us with outdoor days of joy, and can quickly become dangerous, when the heat and humidity threaten tempers and lives. We have to be careful with both heat and light, enjoying them can be fun, too much can be deadly. We have to also embrace the shadows, and in the hottest part of the day walk on the shaded parts of the street. We must seek out the darkened places during the strongest light.

Today, I want to remember the gift of the shadows, the dark places and the shade. Light is reflected in a different way in shadowy places, and we learn a great deal about ourselves in the shaded world of afternoon rest. I want to embrace those dark places that are a gift from God, the cool respites that allow the imagination and forgiveness to thrive. Those places where memory and dreams collide. Where we can repair and cool from the dazzling heat while we chase reflections and hope across the surfaces of our lives.

Today may we all find shade from the heat. May we know God in the dark shadows. May we know God, the one who makes us,remakes us and rekindles our hope in the shadows and darkness of this day.

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