Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wireless and Disconnected

I had expected to write my blog both days when I was visiting with my Mom. It turned out, I could find no place to make a wireless connection. We drove around town for a bit trying to find an open network and were unsuccessful. All of my friends at the Point who have a connection were not around. I came to the realization that my world has truly changed and I consider those of you who I communicate with via this blog as a network of beloved friends, whether I know you or not. You are in my prayers and thoughts as we reach out across the miles seeking God's inspiration together. So tonight, I want to give thanks for all of you dear ones who seek out inspiration and support. God places us in proximity that we might find a way through together. None of us are alone and God goes before us to make a way. I am here to remind myself and all who read this blog and others that we are an intentional community of love and support as I pray for you each day - sight unseen - knowing that God sees, and loves each of us beyond all human measure.

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